Add Weather Data as Variables in Rules

In order to make certain rules fire based on weather information (temperature, precipitation status, cloud cover) it would be helpful to be able to pull this data in, perhaps as variables.

If (temperature([zipcode,f]) > 80 && SHMode !=“sleep”) {[action here]}

The above would cover specific weather use cases, but it might also work more broadly to reference XML and/orJSON feeds that are publicly available to pull data, so I could reference any structured data to base rules off of.

I believe you could accomplish this with a standard weather ‘device’ from your smart home hub.

Additionally, several features have been released since this feature request was original posted which I believe could cover further enrich things:

  • Context Variables - use the triggering weather event data within the flow
  • HTTP Action - make an HTTP request to an API and optionally use the returned data in your rule flow
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