Ability to turn off dimming option on tiles

Some of my lights have dimming disabled on SmartThings. However, the option shows but it just doesn’t let you change the brightness. Is there a way to edit the tile to turn off dim controls on a tile? Also everything I do it says command sent, is there no way to disable this message and possibly have loading cursor to not allow other commands until that one is finished?

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Can you clarify how you have the dimming disabled in SmartThings? If the device has the Switch Level capability removed, then the dimming capability won’t show up.

We’ve had a request to make touches/actions more visibly apparent, so we have it on the list to add activity indicators to tiles. We don’t have any plans to block commands while other commands are processing… perhaps if there was enough community demand for it, we would consider making it an optional preference, but this is the first I’ve heard of that request. :slight_smile:

In SmartThings the dimming option for the devices do show up but in the Fibaro settings parameter I have enabled a parameter to block dimming on some lights as the bulbs dont support dimming and hence even though the dimming option is there, it doesnt work. So it would be very handy to be able to disable dimming on individual tiles. Also, how do you actually bring up the dimming slider? it seems like a hit and miss for me. I click on the bottom right corner where it says percentage but sometimes it ends up clicking the tile and sometimes the slider pops up.

Or could that message be removed at least :slight_smile:

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Tapping the percentage in the bottom-right corner is the way to go. We have a request in to make the touch target bigger. :smiley:

Interesting. Is this a community developed device handler? If so, can you link to it?

Yes, below is the link to the Device Handler. It’s parameter #32 On/Off which is enabled designed for non-dimmable lights.

Thanks for sharing the device handler. If a device reports that it has the Switch Level capability, then by definition it should have a setLevel() command and report a level attribute which is why SharpTools shows the dimming capability.


From what I understand, setting parameter 32 appropriately makes the dimmer act like a normal on/off device.

Since the parameter is already set, you could either switch the device handler back to a normal Z-wave Switch or you could make a copy of the custom codersaur driver with the Switch Level capability commented out.

I’ll take a look at what it would take to allow picking a specific Tile Layout when a device has multiple matching capabilities. :slight_smile:

I think that would be a good solution.

Also, lights that have colour options, by default when you click on it, it pops up with a layer to let you select on off or colour. Can we not have it so that clicking on the bulb icon actually turns it on and then have a set colour icon and a dimming layer just like the dimmable lights work? It’s a bit annoying that every time I want to just turn the light on or off I have to go through an extra two steps of clicking on and then closing the popup layer

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