[Abandoned] Weather Tile & Dashboard Examples

Really neat, I’m playing with this quite a bit this morning.

For your first example, I’ve found some overlap with the first tile (comprehensive daily), so that I have to extend it to 1x3. That gives me room for a fourth day under that block - is there a way to add a fourth day of weather in the handler? I’m pretty inexperienced, but I tried making some changes I thought appropriate to the code (day4Long, etc. etc.) but couldn’t get anything to show.

Thank you very much for this, really - I think it’s a real bangup job.

Short answer is Yes.

I’ll update the DTH to include a 5 Day Forecast (plus current day), and will update this post, once its available.

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Great thanks! I managed to make some progress - for some reason in a new dashboard there was overlap, but in my primary dashboard, no overlap.

Thanks again, I’m enjoying the trial and error and learning a bunch about dashboards through this effort!

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Here’s a bit what I’m going for. What I’m still trying to figure out is the background color I want for the tiles. That is a work in progress because I have no idea what I’m doing there. Somehow I managed to get the two semi-transparent colors there by toying with the CSS code. I figured it out by just using rgba coding instead :slight_smile:


Using rgba is a good (readable) approach. (153,153,153,.25) = Grey with 25% Transparency

FYI: You CAN add a transparency value to a Hex, by adding a 2 digit value between 00 and FF #99999940 (not as straight forward).

Hi, I like and enjoy it !!..Thanks for share your knowledge @Michael , I remembered years in University and my first years as programmer a long time ago (Pascal, Cobol, C and DBase …ha ha…yes Im that old :joy:) Play with DTH and CSS code to get this weather dashboard that I personally think its great !, want to share with Sharptool tribe. To get it to the next leveI I imagine could be very cool if I can integrate weather icon correspondent to the each forecast tiles (below the day of week), can it be done ?..


Unfortunately, No. There aren’t any device capabilities for image attributes. I do however have exposure to icon codes and could possibly, at a future ‘Feature Release’… dynamically change a media tile from a rule/variable and display it on a dashboard.

Awesome job on your dashboard @Carlos_Juarez - Thanks for sharing!


A new version (V3.0 [2021-02-27]) of the weather device handle is now available. Updated information and link can be found at the top of the page.


After creating or updating your device handler…

1)Open the SmartThings app, locate your device and change the settings as needed.

2)Add/Update Device for SharpTools - VERY IMPORTANT!

  • New Device:
    Add the device in the SharpTools App (SmartThings) under ‘Temperature Sensors’ or by checking the device and ‘Authorize’ SmartThings under Manage connections in Account (SharpTools) Settings.

  • Update Device:
    Update the device in the SharpTools App (SmartThings) - Simply click through (next/done) or Re-‘Authorize’ under Manage connections in Account (SharpTools) Settings.


Beggars can’t choose much, but I just tried out the new version and am getting a “-” for everything I’ve checked beyond day 3 - day4short, day4long, day6short, etc. Could it be due to the zip code I’m using?

Actually, there might be an error with Day 4.

What type of error are you referring to?
Is it only for that day (short, long, icon, etc)?
Are you creating a new device or updating a previous version?

Thanks for following up. I’m updating a previous version, and have reauthorized access to ST. I’ve also tried with a fresh tile.

I can get day5short, but not day4short, day6short, and just about anything else day4 and beyond.

To add - I see it in my IDE, just not on the sharptools dash. That probably helps narrow it down a bit.

Fixed. I had to de-authorize the weather widget, then re-authorize. :+1:

1)I am glad to hear it’s working.
2)De-authorize how/what do you mean?

Sharptools Account - manage connections - smartthings - home hub - uncheck weather widget - authorize.

Then go back through, check weather widget and authorize again.

Michael, thanks so much for developing this DTH. The time and effort to include the examples and the CSS is much appreciated.

My weather page is in great need for improvement, and this is just what I need.

I’m just starting to play with it. I must have messed up somewhere because the days are mostly incorrect. The screenshot is from today (Sunday) and you will clearly be able to see the situation. The label is the chosen attribute.

Do you have an idea of where I went wrong? If not, I’ll start over again from scratch.

@Stan_Silverman, Is this a new install or update?

If it’s an update:

Be sure to complete each step (after pasting in the code and saving)…

1)Goto/click My Devices and click on the device/name you previously installed - scroll to the bottom and click Edit > Update.

2)VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to Update the device in the SharpTools App (SmartThings) - Simply click through (next/done) or Re-‘Authorize’ under Manage connections in Account (SharpTools) Settings.

Note: You may need to remove/de-authorize (uncheck) the device and then re-add/authorize it again.

If that doesn’t work for you… Check the device states in the IDE - Are they correct (day2 = Tuesday, etc)?

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It’s a new install. I have an older DTH of yours with another name - but that might be the problem. The older device Type is "SmartWeather Station Tile. The device Type of the new DTH is “Weather Forecast”. That may be another screwup of mine.

The data looks OK: Here’s a snip:

I’ll play with treating it as an update to the older DTH. My gut tells me that may work.

(My gut is often wrong…)

The 2 different device types (names) are OK. The problem seems to be with SharpTools.

1)Try removing the device (what ever you called it) from SharpTools in the SmartThings app or under Manage connections in Account (SharpTools) Settings (be sure to save/authorize). Then go back and re-add/authorize it again.

2)Did you by chance, edit any of the code - specifically the weather icons?

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