A question about Rules


I am trying to make it so when I turn my outside sonos on (i.e. status will be: Playing) it will turn my music switch on and conversely when its switches to off (i.e. Stopped) I would like the music switch to shut off. Below is how I have everything set up and it is not working (and I believe it should working based upon what I have read)).

Thanks for any help!

Hi Roger,
Your rules look correct except Sonos status is all lower case. Change the event triggers to “playing” and “stopped” should fix for you. BTW, you may also want to add “paused” status as trigger along with “stopped” to turn your music switch off, because that’s the command sent when you press “pause” button in the music player tile and the button on Sonos itself.

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Thanks James,

Your suggestions worked great! Quick question: when I used both stopped and pause together/ how should I write that code for sting value? I have tried a few options that have not worked (but the triggers work when I use them individually)

You can add multiple triggers in the rule and either trigger event accurs will kick off the rule. :grinning:

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