A few requests for a folders and hyperlinks

First Hello, second I want to apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section. Let see I’m a novice at this and I’m trying to find it’s there a way to folders to group items in like all my Sonos or my lights. Also I need help with the hyperlinks opening Arlo app maybe not understanding how it works. All help would be appreciated thank you.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! For SharpTools.io dashboards, the most common folder-like solution is to create additional dashboards and link to them.

For example, you might create a Sonos dashboard with just your Sonos devices on it. Then on your primary dashboard, you can add a Dashboard tile which opens your Sonos dashboard.

For opening the Arlo app, what type of phone/tablet are you viewing your dashboards on? You can find details on opening apps via Hyperlinks in the following article:

For iOS the hyperlink should be:


For Fully Kiosk Browser on Android, the URL should be:


Another option for consideration is the community developed ArloPilot app which some people have used to directly embed image snapshots from their Arlo cameras into their dashboards:

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