4 speed fan not show max speed

Hey guys…i am running smartthings v3 hub and using sharptools as my dashboard. I am usiNg the below fan controller and it shows up in sharptools but i am only able to change speed to Off, Low, Medium or High but this controller also has Max speed. How can i get to max speed from sharptools?


Thanks for sharing the details! Is this using an official SmartThings integration or a community developed integration? If it’s a community integration, would you mind sharing a link to the relevant community post?

Its not a custom integration…its linked through bond home

Thanks for the additional details. Sending you a PM to see if we can gather more details about the device. :smiley:

Thanks PM sent back to you


Hey josh were you able to come up with any additional info?

Unfortunately, SmartThings doesn’t provide a designation of how many speeds a fan supports as an attribute. Most SmartThings fan devices we’ve come across support the speeds 0-3, so that’s what the Fan Speed tile was designed around.

Speed Description
0 Off
1 Low
2 Medium
3 High

This is one of the first SmartThings fan devices we’ve come across that supports a 4th speed (though it does seem to be a nice option!), so I’ve posted over in the SmartThings community and shared the post in the SmartThings developer Slack, but haven’t seen much feedback on it yet. :thinking:

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